About Us

     Portland Scottish Fold Kittens is a family home hobby that specializes in the sale of luxurious 100% purebred cats and kittens. Our entire kitten parents have pedigrees and breed certificates and are all registered with the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA). By browsing our website, you will be able to find and reserve kittens.

               – Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight kittens – (short-hair)

  •                – Highland Scottish Fold and Highland Scottish Straight kittens – (long-hair)

     We breed all kittens in a warm, homely atmosphere and try to teach them to be kind and loving.They are also well trained, using litter boxes and scratching posts from a very young age. Upon reaching two months of age, the kittens are vaccinated, de-wormed, treated for fleas and are ready to move to a new home and become part of a loving family.

     Scottish cats are really friendly to people and love to spend their free time with people. Therefore, these fluffy paws will be happy to entertain your child.

     The kittens are very smart and friendly. They are so cute and playful, and they make you cuddle and take care of them, when they fall asleep next to your head. We take our responsibilities very seriously, and are committed to ensuring health, safety and well-being of our kittens. This is why the happiest days for us, when one of our kittens gets into a loving and hospitable family.

     You can request additional information about each kitten and parents, (photos / videos) are available upon request with information about their identity.